Why Choose Connect Media Training and Podcast Production?

While committed to putting people through their paces during her media training workshops, Rebecca employs a supportive and encouraging approach. Sadly, she often hears feedback about people having been ambushed and humiliated in media training sessions with other providers. This unfortunate and completely unnecessary experience has made those people reluctant to face the media as a spokesperson, denying themselves and their organisation the spotlight and coverage they deserve.

Unlike many media trainers, who have spent years working outside of journalism, Rebecca has experienced the social media revolution and its impact on the media industry first-hand. She brings a fresh, insightful approach to the way social media is shaping how newsrooms cover stories.

For the majority of her career in journalism, Rebecca specialised in the reporting of business and finance news. As a result, Connect Media Training and Podcast Production can help organisations in this sector tell their stories in a compelling and memorable way, reaching new viewers, listeners, and readers. Rebecca will help cut through the jargon and capture the attention and imagination of your key audience.

As a member of the Media Skills Network, Rebecca is licensed to teach the highly effective and proven formula, which has been trademarked as the Media Skills Methodology. Many of Australia’s highest-profile CEOs, industry spokespeople and media commentators have trained with the Media Skills Network.

As a broadcaster with more than two decades’ experience in presenting and producing news and longer format current affairs, Rebecca is perfectly placed to bring clients’ podcast ambitions to life. Her cutting-edge editorial judgement will ensure the best angles are covered and Rebecca’s award-winning production skills will deliver content that truly captivates and engages audiences.

Connect Media Training and Podcast Production is not a public relations firm and therefore dedicates 100 per cent of its time and resources to tailoring and delivering training packages, and audio production that offer the best results for clients.  This also means Rebecca is available to partner with established PR agencies to help directly facilitate media training and podcasting to their clients.

Without the significant overheads of a large firm, Rebecca can offer extremely competitive rates and fees for her services.  She has a huge personal investment in her business and gets enormous satisfaction from seeing people she has worked with succeed in the media, as spokespeople and podcasters.


You filled the session with so much useful information about how to handle ourselves when dealing with the media.

I also really enjoyed your honesty and ‘inside’ information about how journalists undertake their role and how the media work as a whole. Super informative and interesting.

Thank you again for a really great session. I could have easily sat through many more hours with you and was disappointed when our session drew to a close.

Craig King

Australian Red Cross Regional Area Leader – NSW/ACT

The best thing about working with Rebecca is that she is a journalist herself having worked in the newsroom, recording studio, and more recently, podcast booth. Her media expertise both past and present, along with her enthusiasm for helping people through the training process is what sets her apart from other trainers. 

With a relaxed and collaborative approach to the sessions, Rebecca has a knack for easing the nerves of being in front of the camera while shining a light on participants’ areas of success and opportunities for improvement. 

Rebecca’s background in personal finance has provided an added benefit for training up Canstar’s finance experts for being in the media spotlight, however, her expertise has equally lent itself to executive and presentation training among other staff in the Canstar Group. 

Thanks to Rebecca’s coaching, we now have a number of highly skilled media spokespeople presenting weekly on national and metro television and radio, and in a multitude of print and online media articles. 

Belinda Williamson

Canstar Group Manager, Corporate Affairs

I have used the techniques Rebecca presented in her media training successfully when participating in media conferences, for incidents to inform the community. Rebecca’s knowledge and experience within media provides a great insight into how clear, descriptive and persuasive communication can be used to drive the narrative.

Senior Sergeant Matt Lyons

Queensland Police Service

Rebecca has trained members of our staff both in person and virtually on media and presentation skills. Rebecca tailored our training to a range of different skills, experience levels, needs and topics to allow a suite of suitably trained, confident, and empowered spokespeople ready to speak externally on behalf of the organisation. Rebecca offered the training over multiple sessions to suit the team’s schedules. A particular asset was the practical interview portion of the training, which were recorded and supplied to the team. The ability to watch these again meant we could self-evaluate our improvement during the training and use as critical analysis in the future.

Rebecca was engaging, patient, adaptable and understanding. Everyone who participated in the training spoke highly of the outcomes and found it to exceed their individual and professional needs as well as the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Emma Clarke

CCIQ Media and Communications Advisor

Rebecca has been working with BBS since early 2020, hosting and producing podcasts for a number of our clients across the professional services, technology and education sectors. She also produces the Illumine podcast series for Brisbane Girls Grammar School, which won BBS a highly coveted PRIA Golden Target award in the Thought Leadership category in 2021. Rebecca brings almost 25 years of on-air experience to the role as BBS’s Broadcast Producer and executes the very highest standard of work both in front of and behind the microphone for our clients.

Rebecca is also a valued member of our media training and presentation coaching team and has delivered workshops for clients where the performance of spokespeople is critical, including in such industries as aged care, energy, manufacturing and tourism. We appreciate Rebecca’s sensitive approach and calm manner because we are often tasked with building the capability of people whose confidence has been impacted by previous negative experiences with either journalists or other media trainers.

Our team and our clients find significant value in the real-world insights Rebecca brings to her training sessions, honed through her ongoing relationship with media networks, including ABC Queensland. She teaches practical strategies for handling media interviews and supports people through rehearsal interviews with constructive feedback to help improve their communication techniques, on the journey to becoming expert spokespeople.

Lisa Nixon

Managing Director BBS Communications Group

At MediaCast we have worked with Rebecca in several capacities since 2018. She has been our trusted, go-to media trainer collaborating seamlessly with us to prep clients and talent in the lead up to interviews and campaigns. Delivering short, sharp one-hour sessions aligned to our creatives or more in-depth media training programmes with multiple sessions over several weeks, Rebecca always accommodates our needs and our clients’ availabilities.

We constantly receive feedback from our clients on the level of professionalism and expertise Rebecca demonstrates in a session. They finish their training buzzing with excitement, feeling fully equipped to handle interviews and confident they know their campaign key messaging thanks to Rebecca’s thoughtful guidance.

After each session, Rebecca provides thorough feedback for both ourselves, the talent and the client to digest. Her honest feedback is helpful in identifying where more training may be required or what formats are best suited to a particular spokesperson.

On a more personal level, MediaCast recently invested in media training for two of our senior managers to support their professional development and build confidence. Rebecca prepared a relevant and informative program, taking into consideration our prior knowledge of the media industry. The sessions focussed on both theory and practical skills and left the team feeling engaged, inspired, and empowered.

Rebecca is an excellent media trainer, communications professional, journalist and storyteller and we look forward to working with her for many years to come.

Fran Chalmers

Creative Director MediaCast

I am pleased to endorse Connect Media Training’s services. Rebecca’s experience, approach, and value-add acumen enabled us to grow our knowledge base, improve our presenting abilities and manage media enquiries as an organisation.

Based on our training, it’s a smart investment for long-term benefits.

Cameron Hall

Chief Executive Officer
Titles Queensland