Unlike other media trainers who have spent a long time working outside of professional journalism, Rebecca experienced the social media revolution and its impact on the media industry first-hand.  She brings a fresh, insightful approach to the way social media is shaping how traditional media cover stories.


For the last half of her career in journalism, Rebecca specialised in the reporting of business and finance news.  As a result, Connect Media Training is able to help organisations in this sphere, tell their stories in an interesting and compelling manner.  Connect Media Training can help cut through the jargon and capture the attention and imagination of your key audience.


As a member of the Media Skills Network, Rebecca is licensed to teach the highly-effective and proven formula, which has been trademarked as the Media Skills Methodology.  Many of Australia’s highest-profile CEOs, industry spokespeople and politicians have trained with the Media Skills Network.


Connect Media Training is not a public relations firm and therefore dedicates 100 per cent of its time and resources to tailoring and delivering training packages, coaching and strategies that offer the best results for clients.  That also means it is free to partner with established PR agencies to assist in the development of media training strategies for their clients.

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