Services & Workshops

Media Training

Sessions are tailored to your needs, with bespoke content designed to suit beginners, occasional spokespeople, or expert media commentators, who are keen to freshen up their skills.  These can be booked in person or online – using web-based platforms such as Zoom.  From 1:1 intensive coaching workshops, to small groups of up to six people, or large corporate training days, Rebecca will facilitate a dynamic and interactive session, which equips people with techniques to tackle the toughest of media interviews. 

The Media Fundamentals workshop provides an introduction and overview to the reporting and production of news in the 21st Century.  This session will familiarise your team with the organisational flow of newsrooms, the practical newsgathering process, and insights into how social media is changing the way news is sourced and presented.  This knowledge can help to sharpen your media pitches and give you a much better chance of coverage, at a time of dwindling newsroom resources and fierce competition for media attention.

By far the most popular workshop, Managing the Media will teach you everything you need to know to become an outstanding interviewee, and someone the media returns to for quotes and soundbites from an industry expert.  You will be put through your paces in at least one round of rehearsal interviews, providing the opportunity to execute your new-found communication strategies. 

The Mastering the Media course is for experienced media spokespeople and executives, who want to take their communication skills to the highest possible level.  Building on the techniques from the Managing the Media workshop, each person will be challenged to tackle issues they have previously shied away from, or deal with a hypothetical crisis for their organisation. You will learn strategies for turning even the trickiest question into an opportunity to deliver your key messages and protect the professional reputation of the business.


Podcast Production and Hosting

The recording of podcast episodes can be completed either in person or virtually, using the Rode Podcaster Pro suite of equipment.  Rebecca Archer is available to host, produce, consult, and script your podcast series.  She will provide advice on how to source theme music and the best publishing platforms to use when episodes are ready for broadcast.  Production turnaround will be swift, with flexible arrangements for tight deadlines and in terms of editing requests. 


Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coaching

Like media training, these workshops can be designed to suit the specific needs of your organisation.  Whether you have a seasoned spokesperson requiring some extra polish, or someone fresh stepping into a very public-facing role, these sessions will build confidence in a calm, supportive, non-threatening environment.  Participants will learn about the importance of non-verbal communication skills, vocal tone, and best practice in the planning and preparation of a public presentation.

Rebecca has trained members of our staff both in person and virtually on media and presentation skills. Rebecca tailored our training to a range of different skills, experience levels, needs and topics to allow a suite of suitably trained, confident, and empowered spokespeople ready to speak externally on behalf of the organisation. Rebecca offered the training over multiple sessions to suit the team’s schedules. A particular asset was the practical interview portion of the training, which were recorded and supplied to the team. The ability to watch these again meant we could self-evaluate our improvement during the training and use as critical analysis in the future.

Rebecca was engaging, patient, adaptable and understanding. Everyone who participated in the training spoke highly of the outcomes and found it to exceed their individual and professional needs as well as the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Emma Clarke

CCIQ Media and Communications Advisor