Podcast Production and Hosting

Podcasting is exploding in popularity, and many organisations are choosing to leverage this platform as an entertaining, informative, and strategic channel for promotion and awareness raising.

Podcasts provide a nimble shift from traditional media in the way ideas and messages can be delivered to audiences.  They offer a uniquely intimate and portable way for listeners to access information and they integrate perfectly with digital marketing platforms.

Drawing on her extensive broadcasting knowledge and production experience, Rebecca helps her clients to create engaging, interesting, informative content.  She can assist at every step – from first concept, through to episode planning and guest sourcing, scripting, production, editing, and finally, publication.

Rebecca’s podcast production work received national recognition in 2021 at the Public Relations Institute of Australia’s Golden Target Awards, for the Brisbane Girls Grammar School podcast, Illumine. This podcast is produced by Rebecca Archer working with the distinguished Queensland public relations firm, BBS Communications Group.

Using the industry-renowned Rode professional podcasting suite of equipment, interviews and related content for each episode can be recorded either in person or remotely (using virtual platforms such as Zoom).  Rebecca’s proficiency in audio platforms means she can expertly engineer the best possible sound for your podcast.  She can also recommend a vast array of musical options and advice when it comes to choosing the theme that will best suit the podcast series.

Rebecca is an accomplished host of several podcast series, including for the Queensland Brain Institute, McCullough Robertson Lawyers, Grant Thornton, and Octant AI.  She has also been a broadcaster on radio and television platforms throughout Australia and the United Kingdom since the early 2000s.   She brings a fresh approach to each of her podcast hosting projects and her lengthy career in newsrooms means she will immediately identify interesting angles and trending topics for the episodes.

The production process, including editing, music mixing, audio compression and dynamic equalising is completed on a leading desktop editing system, and Rebecca’s depth of audio editing experience means episodes sound fantastic, are original and will be delivered on time.  Clients will be offered a range of flexible options in terms of nominating changes or edits to each episode, to ensure the final product is exactly what they are looking for.

For those requiring help with the planning of a podcast series, Rebecca offers packages which include the researching and scripting of episodes, and in-depth consultation on multi-season productions.

Podcasting is a true craft, and something which can add so much value and extended audience reach to an organisation.  Audiences will rapidly tune out of a series if they are annoyed by the sound of a host’s voice, or any of the production values are lacking.  If it is worth going to the trouble of planning and investing in a podcast, it is absolutely essential to seek the help of a proven industry professional.

Listen to some of Rebecca’s podcasts here:

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Illumine – (produced by Rebecca Archer)

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AI For Project Success – (hosted and produced by Rebecca Archer)

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Alliance for Leadership Learning – Leaders Matter podcast (hosted and produced by Rebecca Archer)